Ki Tavo – Inscribe the Words Today

Posted by Nechama Goldman Barash on September 5, 2021
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Torah, Devarim (Deuteronomy), Ki Tavo

This podcast is sponsored by Jeff and Alissa Hurok in honor of our dear friends and family who have engaged with and enhanced Jeff’s Torah study.

Ki Tavo 5781 – Inscribe the Words Today

In this podcast, the manner in which Moses creates continuity between past, present and future as he prepares the nation for the time in which he will no longer be with them is explored. In addition, a focus on which words of Torah are inscribed on the 12 stones and where those stones are placed is looked at through the eyes of different commentaries. Finally, we will explore the usage of a rare verb that attests to the reciprocity in the relationship between God and Israel.

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Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash – Faculty and Host for Pardes from Jerusalem Podcast
Arlene Harel – Production Coordinator
Rabbi Adam Titcher – Director of Digital Media at Pardes and Executive Producer

About Nechama Goldman Barash

Nechama Goldman Barash made aliyah from Philadelphia over 20 years ago after graduating from Stern College. She studied for three years in Matan’s Advanced Talmud Institute and finished a master’s degree in Talmud at Bar-Ilan University. She is a graduate of Nishmat’s Yoetzet Halacha program and has been certified to teach brides before their weddings, as well as qualifying as a sex educator through Yahel and the Eden Center. She also studied for three years in Matan's advanced halakha program, Hilkhata. Nechama is the Director of the Pardes Learning Seminar. She teaches contemporary halakha and Talmud at Matan and Pardes, as well as Talmud and women and halakha in Torah V'Avodah (TVA), a Bnei Akiva gap year program based in Matan. She is an active member of Beit Hillel and participates in interfaith dialogue through Roots, based in Gush Etzion, close to where she lives with her family. She is currently working on a book dealing with matters of gender and halakha.

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