Chukat 5783: Loving Conflict

Posted by Pardes Faculty on June 19, 2023
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Torah, Bamidbar (Numbers), Chukat

How is it possible for a relationship to be strengthened through conflict?

In this week’s podcast, Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield is joined by Rabbi Brent Spodek, Pardes North America faculty member and host of Good Jewish Lover. Together, they discuss the Rabbini Derash and it’s description of how healthy conflict can actually build and enhance a loving relationship. Brent shares his personal and professional wisdom with us all, exploring how we can engage with one another in both an honest and caring way at the same time. Peace and passion can indeed co-exist.

Credits: Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield and Rabbi Brent Spodek – Pardes Faculty

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