Pesach 5784: Unearthing Personal Freedom

Posted by Pardes Faculty on April 21, 2024
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Pesach

Can we transform the “bread of affliction” into the “bread of redemption” this Passover?”

Yiscah Smith returns this week with a call for us to see ourselves (“l’rot atzmo”) as leaving spiritual enslavement each Passover. Drawing from the Piazner Rebbe and Rav Kook, Yiscah illuminates how painful self-examination can allow for divine blessings and personal redemption to emerge. Grappling with the role of suffering, Yiscah shares a powerful lens for experiencing this holiday’s liberating spirit, even amidst darkness.

Join us for this timely discussion imbued with hope on Pardes from Jerusalem.

Yiscah Smith – Pardes Faculty
Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield – Pardes Faculty and Host of Pardes from Jerusalem

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