Escape Rooms

Posted by PCJE Alumni on April 22, 2020
Topics: Teaching Remotely

Contributor: Jessica Lissy Trey, Pardes Day School Educators Program ’02-’04, Hannah Senesh Community Day School

I had my 8th graders create Pesach-themed online escape rooms. They worked in break out rooms in zoom in groups of 3 – 4. Here’s what they did in their groups:

1)  See this sample escape room activity to get a sense of what to expect
2) I asked each group first to submit their story idea — who is the player? where are they stuck? what is the journey they need to go on to escape?
3) Here are video instructions for how to use google forms to make an escape room.
4) I provided students with links to several resources about the seder/Pesach themes.
5) Students worked to make 4-5 puzzles for the player to unlock, plus a celebration page for when the player gets free from the escape room.

The 8th graders had a great time and felt really proud of their work. You could easily adapt the activity to be a project for any unit.

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