9Adar Curriculum: Conflict Resolution in Bible and Fairy Tales

Posted by PCJCR Contributor on September 8, 2015
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Joseph and Cinderella Grade Time
9Adar Conflict Resolution and Purim 3-5 40-45 min


Driving question


 How can we solve a conflict when the characters involved all have different perspectives on the conflict?
Vocabulary אמא






Joseph story and text study

Story of Gad

Cinderella story text study

Cinderella is So Annoying!

Conflict chart

Markers, crayons, colored pencils, paper

Costumes: Joseph, Jacob, a couple brothers, Cinderella, step-sisters,   step-mother


(Students will be able to…)

Identify the feelings and needs behind the conflicts

Understand that different characters have different perspectives

Generate creative solutions for resolving conflicts cooperatively

anticipatory set


(7 mins.)

   Read Cinderella or Joseph story

Read excerpt/s from Cinderella is So Annoying!  (see resources)

or Gad’s story text study



(5 Mins.)





Art Activity



(15-20 mins.)

Read over either story.

Have students identify (can be done in chart):

1.      What is the conflict in the story?

2.      How do the main characters feel about the conflict?

3.      What does each of those characters want and need?


Have each student pick a character and draw the conflict from that character’s perspective. Then assign them another character and have the student draw out the new perspective. No words. Have students discuss/present how their two pictures are different.


Assign students characters. Each student draws the perspective of their character. When all have finished, post the pictures and have students compare them



Drama Activity


(15-20 mins.)

Discussion: Ask students to come up with suggestions of how each character could have acted differently in order to avoid creating a conflict. Students pick their three favorite suggestions through debate and then reenact the conflict with the changes.




(10 mins.)

  Joseph lesson: Short writing exercise—retell the story from Judah’s    perspective


Cinderella lesson: Short writing exercise—retell the story from the step-sisters’ perspective

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