WHO ME? Stories of Rabbinic Self-Consciousness

Posted by Yaffa Epstein on November 9, 2015
Topics: Talmudic Personalities

Recorded by Mechon Hadar, live at the Community Beit Midrash.

There are several stories in the Talmud where our Sages of Blessed Memory talk about themselves, and their positions as Rabbis and Leaders of Communities. In this session, Yaffa Epstein will examine the kinds of self-critique—as well as self-aggrandizement—the Rabbis utilize, and attempt to understand both how the Rabbis perceived themselves, and how that self-perception can inform our own relationship with Rabbinic Judaism today.

About Yaffa Epstein

Yaffa serves as the Director of the Wexner Heritage Program. She received Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshivat Maharat and holds a Law Degree from Bar-Ilan University. She has studied at the Pardes Kollel, the Advanced Talmud Institute at Matan and the Talmud Department of Hebrew University.

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