The Jewish Heroism Project Ep. 1 – Tov: The Gate – Quest for the Good

Posted by Mike Feuer on January 25, 2024
Topics: The Jewish Story

Discover the 26 Paths of Jewish Heroism and what it means to be a hero in Rav Mike’s newest podcast series, The Jewish Heroism Project.

There are good things worth fighting for. But what is good? The first class of the Jewish Heroism Project introduces the Torah’s definition of heroism as mesirut nefesh l’man tov, going beyond limited self for the sake of good. It is a call to set out on the twenty-six paths of Jewish heroism, to uncover the heroic face of Torah and make it your own.

After the intro, tov is framed as the essential good of creation and as the gateway to the Torah’s heroic paths. Then we meet Moses, first hero and guide to the good, who brings down a portal for its light that can teach the world to make the goodness of creation shine. Last comes a call to action, to engage the practice of recognizing good and pursue it along our own heroic life journeys.

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