Exploring Sacred Spaces Ep. 5: Blessings at Eye Level

Posted by Levi Cooper on August 4, 2023
Topics: The Maggid of Melbourne, Exploring Sacred Spaces


We continue our examination of the duchan (platform) from which the Kohanim offer blessings to the congregation. As we know from the previous episode, the Kohanim are meant to go up to the duchan, meaning the duchan should be raised up from the floor. While we have learned that the blessing should be done whether or not there are steps, we must ask what we should do in such cases. The Maggid of Melbourne walks us through several possible solutions, including the use of symbolic elevation. We’ll also learn some of the possible reasons why we have such a tradition, such as honoring the Holy Presences and connecting to the steps of the ancient Temple.

Credits: Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper – Pardes Faculty

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