The Tent of Rivka: Considering the Connection between the Temple and the Home

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Episode Description (25m 53s):
According to the Torah’s account, when our matriarch Sarah died her legacy was continued by her daughter-in-law Rivka. We will consider the elements (1:00) associated with Sarah’s proverbial tent, as they are described by the Midrash. Along the way, we will discover that to follow Sarah’s example is to transform our own homes into the most potent expression of God’s healing presence in the world. After the podcast (19:41), Rabbi Leon Morris and Matti Rosenshine discuss welcoming guests as a core value of the institution and new building.

Production Credits:
Rabbi Leon Morris – Introduction and Interview
Rabbi Michael Hattin – Podcast Host
Matti Rosenshine – Podcast Guest
Rabbi Michael Emerson – Creative Producer
Rabbi Adam Titcher – Executive Producer