Amanda Borschel-Dan, Levi Cooper & Leah Rosenthal: Is the Talmud Relevant? Book Launch of Relics for the Present Vol. II

Posted by Levi Cooper on July 14, 2016
Topics: Pardes Live and Mini-Series, Torah Study

In this podcast, we explore a question: is the Talmud relevant? In this context, Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper also discusses his new book, Relics for the Present Vol. II, a collection of thought-provoking mini-essays that explore the depths of Talmud. Using Tractate Berakhot as the foundational text, Levi utilizes a unique combination of Talmudic wisdom, rabbinical commentary and Hasidic lore, transforming ancient teachings into inspiring vignettes for everyday life. Relics can be used to understand the meaning of the liturgical text, the prayer experience as a whole, or as a page-by-page companion to Tractate Berakhot. This second volume explores the second half of Tractate Berakhot.

Relics for the Present Vol. II can be purchased through Koren Publishers.

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