Rappers and Rabbis Episode 7: Is Noach the inception of Righteousness?

Posted by Bible Raps on January 11, 2018
Topics: Rappers and Rabbis, Noach

Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield joins us as we follow the concept of “righteousness” all the way from Noach to Abraham to Rambam’s “Eight Levels of Tzedaka.” Of course, there’s also the Bible Rappers 16 Bars of Tzedaka! We prove to ourselves that concepts “grow up” through history. Noach seems to be the inception of righteousness; it’s seed. And “the seeds of change need the rains to grow, soil turned and the wind to blow…”

On another note, the fact Rabbi Zvi came through to do two podcasts at the crib is a highlight of Matt’s Jewish “Journey.” Rabbi Zvi and Micah, Matt’s three-year-old, had an extensive discussion of another prophet altogether – Jonah – in which Micah often corrected Zvi’s Hebrew pronunciation back into English. While prompt and unforgiving, Matt was proud of how kind his boy’s Torah corrections of Rabbi Zvi were!

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