Noach 5784: Passivity in the Face of Destruction

Posted by Pardes Faculty on October 18, 2023
Topics: Torah, Pardes from Jerusalem, Bereishit (Genesis), Noach

Dedicated to the healing of those who were injured, to the memory of those who lost their lives, and with hopes and prayers for the rescue of all those who are being held hostage.

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded before October 7 and touches on the themes of destruction and loss, good and evil, and how communities might react in times of crisis. We want to acknowledge that these themes may resonate differently in light of the current situation in Israel. 

In this week’s episode, Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield welcomes two guests to the Pardes from Jerusalem studio, Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash and poet Yoni Hammer-Kossoy. How flawed of a figure was Noach? Why didn’t he stand up and speak out? Together, we’ll explore Parshat Noach on several layers, including poetry from Yoni’s new book, The Book of Noah.

Credits: Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash and Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield – Pardes Faculty, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy – Poet and Educator


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