The Pew Survey: Are America’s Jews in Crisis?

Posted by Adam Titcher on December 26, 2013
Topics: Assimilation, Intermarriage, Jewish Denominations

The recent Pew Research Center Survey triggered strong reactions from across the spectrum of Jewish life. American Jews are prouder of their Jewish identity and yet are assimilating faster than ever before. Is American Jewry in crisis or is it flourishing? The leading sociologist on American Jewry and two American-born rabbis shared their perspectives.

Professor Steven M. Cohen, Research professor of Jewish Social Policy at the HUC-JIR in New York, and director of the Berman Jewish Policy Archive at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. He was also an advisor to the Pew Survey.

Rabbi Naamah Kelman, Dean of the Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat and Chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone educational institutions.


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