Shavuot: The Ways of Receiving Torah

Posted by PCJE Staff on May 28, 2019
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Welcome to the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators podcast series: Hanukah, Pesach and Purim Walk into a Bar. Each episode Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield hosts guest educators who share one text that reveals the deeper meaning of that year cycle event. In this podcast “Shavuot: The Ways of Receiving Torah” Zvi is joined by PCJE Assistant Director Rachel Friedrichs, and PCJE Faculty Rabbi Zvi Grumet, who share texts, insights and the occasional joke, as they explore the deeper meaning of Shavuot.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Pardes Seminar alumna Winter 2015 Dr. Julie and Glen Kohl in memory of her beloved parents, Roy and Joan Abrahamson z”l.

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Production Credits
Reuven Margrett – Executive Producer
Adam Titcher – Podcast Channel Administrator
Show Host
Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield – Faculty, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
Show Guests
Rachel Friedrichs – Assistant Director, Pardes Center for Jewish Educators
Rabbi Zvi Grumet – Faculty, Pardes Center for Jewish Educators

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