5780 — Ki Tavo: Cultivating the spiritual practice of Walking In His Ways

Posted by Yiscah Smith on August 30, 2020
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Torah, Devarim (Deuteronomy), Ki Tavo

Parashat Ki Tavo contains the command, found in Devarim 28:9: “And you shall walk in His ways.” The Rambam counts this as one of the 613 mitzvot, and explains that it charges us “to resemble Him according to our capacity.” When outlining the general principles that govern his reckoning of the 613 mitzvot, the Rambam states in Sefer HaMitzvot, Klal 4, that he does not include commandments of a general nature. Therefore, we are forced to conclude that there is a particular dimension to this mitzvah which does not exist in other mitzvot, and that this causes the Rambam to include it as one of the 613. What in fact is unique only to this particular mitzvah?

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