Hanukah 5783: The Window or the Table: Spreading Light to Eradicate Hate

Posted by Shani Gross on December 22, 2022
Topics: Dissonance & Harmony, Pardes from Jerusalem, Chanukah

During a holiday where there is both darkness and light, where we retreat indoors and shine brightly from the windowsill, go on a journey with Pardes North America to find meaning in the discord within our tradition.

Night 5 – The Window or the Table: Spreading Light to Eradicate Hate
Featuring Rabba Shani Gross
Learn how the Talmudic sages wrestle with the question of how to balance the deep yearning to live proudly as Jews with the very real threat trying to live openly as a religious minority can pose.


Music Credits: Klezmer by Crowander is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Rabba Shani Gross is the Director of North American Programs at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Shani most recently served as Pardes’s Assistant Director of Education NA. Shani earned rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Maharat, is a Wexner Graduate Fellow/Davidson Scholar (Class 29), and a former Hillel Fellow for Rabbinic Entrepreneurship (OOI). Shani was the Director of the Silicon Valley Beit Midrash, a center of learning on the West Coast. When not teaching, Shani can usually be found with her husband Chaim, chasing after their two beautiful sons, Elan and Navon.

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