Emor 5783: The Power and Pain of Exclusion

Posted by Pardes Faculty on May 1, 2023
Topics: Tanakh, Torah, Pardes from Jerusalem, Vayikra (Leviticus), Emor

How do build a community that is both coherent and inclusive? In this week’s Parsha Podcast, Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield is joined by Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash for a discussion on the tragic episode of the blasphemer, and how the search for inclusion can include the pain of being left out. Together we will examine Moshe’s role as a leader and think about own leadership today through the eyes of inclusion. Join us for an exploration of this week’s parsha and gain wisdom that can help guide and inspire us in our lives today.

Credits: Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield and Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash – Pardes Faculty



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