Matot-Massei 5783: The Boundary Lines of the Jewish People

Posted by Pardes Faculty on July 10, 2023
Topics: Tanakh, Torah, Pardes from Jerusalem, Bamidbar (Numbers), Matot, Massei

In this week’s episode, Zvi is joined by Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy for an exploration of Matot and Massei, discussing the challenging tale of the tribes who chose not to settle in the land of Israel.

Meesh offers us different interpretations for the motivation guiding the tribes’ decision to not cross the Jordan and helps us in understanding Moshe’s response. With these interpretations in mind, we look to modern Jewish life, discussing how it is possible for Jews who have chosen to live in Israel and those who have not to find a shared framework in building a modern Jewish identity.

Credits: Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy and Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield – Pardes Faculty

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