Tetzave 5784: The Biblical Fashion Show

Posted by Pardes Faculty on February 18, 2024
Topics: Tanakh, Pardes from Jerusalem, Torah, Shemot (Exodus), Tetzaveh

Do the clothes we wear define us?

Rabbi Daniel Reifman joins our host Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield this week for a discussion on the priestly vestments as described in this week’s parsha in precise detail. Does the Torah teach us to create such an intricate and beautiful garb solely to create the right atmosphere for religious service, or is it that a specific uniform has the power to transform the wearer? Together, we’ll explore the various uniforms worn by contemporary Jewish groups, the role they play, and how they can both connect and separate us.

Credits: Rabbi Daniel Reifman and Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield – Pardes Faculty

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