Vayakhel 5784: Gathering With Intention

Posted by Pardes Faculty on March 7, 2024
Topics: Tanakh, Pardes from Jerusalem, Torah, Shemot (Exodus), VaYakhel

What is it that makes us join together with different groups?

Over the past two parshiot, we’ve seen two gatherings, one in which the people gathered to create the Golden Calf, and another in which they gathered to build the Mishkan. In both stories, the people give willingly and generously in order to build something together. How can these two stories help us understand what draws us to gather together, and how to do so in a manner that ensures we are building something with the proper intention.

Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield – Host of Pardes from Jerusalem and Pardes Faculty
Ilana Gleicher-Bloom – PCJE Director of Experiential Education and Pardes Faculty

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