This Pardes Life Season 3 Episode 1: Rabbi Leon Morris

Posted by Zvi Hirschfield on November 9, 2017
Topics: This Pardes Life, Jewish Prayer

We’re excited to launch the 3rd series of This Pardes Life. In the first episode, join Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield as he explores the challenging issues of prayer in Judaism with Rabbi Leon Morris, President of Pardes. Through the lens of a text in Tractate Yoma, Leon shares his struggle to balance personal integrity with a commitment to traditional liturgy and frameworks of Jewish prayer. He explores how this tension can be both difficult but also inspiring and exciting.

This Pardes Life sees Pardes teacher Rabbi Zvi Hirshfield gets up close and personal with fellow teachers and alumni talking about life, texts and Pardes. See for other episodes in this series.

About Zvi Hirschfield

Zvi teaches Talmud, Halakha and Jewish Thought at Pardes. In addition Zvi is a faculty member of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators and has been training and mentoring Jewish Educators for over ten years in Tefilah in educational settings; critical issues in modern Jewish thought; and Israel education. Click here to read more.

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