The Parsha Discussion: Mishpatim — Set the Table!

Posted by Alex Israel on February 8, 2018
Topics: The Parsha Discussion, Mishpatim

In last week’s parsha, God revealed His presence from the heavens as He uttered the Ten Commandments. This week, in Parshat Mishpatim, we see a different side of God: “And these are the laws that you shall place before them” – a litany of detailed and complicated laws. Rashi, quoting Rabbi Akiva, imagines that the laws are placed before Israel like a smorgasbord, like a set table. He says:

“You shall set before them” – like a table set with food [shulkan arukh!], ready to eat.

This is an interesting metaphor but what might it mean?

The Ten Commandments say: “Do not murder” – a categorical, moral imperative. This week we hear the details.

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