The Jewish Story Season 3 Interlude: George Floyd and the Burden of History

Posted by Mike Feuer on June 8, 2020
Topics: The Jewish Story

From Rav Mike: I can’t watch what is happening in silence, but nor am I willing to simply be a cheerleader for chaos. Here are some thoughts on structural violence and what can all learn from the murder of George Floyd.

We are social creatures who inherit society from our ancestors and bequeath it to our children. A posture of pursuing justice makes sure that enough of the inevitable debts built-in to society get paid that we can hand off a world better than that which we received.

Galtung says that structural violence is when “…human beings are being influenced so that their actual … realizations are below their potential realizations…” It exists when the social structure is built in such a way that it prevents a category of people, in this case people of color, from even having the resources to realize their potential.

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