The Jewish Story Season 6: Progressing Towards Anti-Semitism (American Anti-Semitism Part VI)

Posted by Mike Feuer on March 5, 2023
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The Jewish Story Season 6 

Episode 15 – Progressing Towards Anti-Semitism (American Anti-Semitism Part VI)

Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel leftists and progressives. Learn why Jews vote Democratic, and how Tikkun Olam became the civil religion of liberal American Jews. As Jews sought greater acceptance for themselves and other minorities, anti-Zionism turned into Judeophobia, with help from the community Soviet Union. Anti-Zionism became Judeo-phobia and a manifestation of hate in the progressive culture of the United States. Hear the stories of Rabbi Michael Lerner of Tikkun Magazine who authored The Socialism of Fools, Leonard Fein, CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education), the New Jewish Agenda, and more in this important episode of the ongoing series that explores both right-wing and left-wing Jew-hatred.

Credits: Rabbi Mike Feuer – Pardes Faculty

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