Tisha B’Av at Pardes: Source Sheets

This event is sponsored in loving memory of Ben Blutstein z”l by his family who miss him dearly; and in loving memory of Terri R. Menter תמר רחל בת זלמן חיים וקיילא ז״ל and her lifetime of engagement with Jewish learning by E. Scott and Jackie Menter

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10:00 am – 11:15 am

The Decree has Been Issued: Can we Change it?
Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield
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Post-Modern Eicha – Chanting and Poetry from the Depth
Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan
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The Most Productive Conversations We Can Ever Have: Can We Release Feelings of Frustration and Hurt without Damaging a Relationship
Tovah Leah Nachmani
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How to Restore Unity to a Fragmented World
Yiscah Smith
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11:30 am – 12:45 pm

“That Day His Soul Rested”: The Mercy Killing of Rebbe
Gila Fine
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The Sound of Divine Silence: Suffering and the Search for Meaning
Dr. Elliott Malamet
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I would never set foot in Poland! A virtual walking tour of the Warsaw Ghetto
Rabbi Gideon Sylvester

Why Lose Hope?
Rabbi Gideon Weitzman
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1:15 pm – 2:30 pm

This Pardes Life LIVE: Despair and Hope:Politics, Religion and Community in a Changing World
Nechama Goldman Barash, Rabbi David Levin-Kruss & Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth, moderated by Rabbi Leon Morris
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2:45 pm-4:15 pm

Film: Tunnel of Hope A documentary charting the remarkable story of 250 Jewish escapees who successfully fled from a camp in Nowogródek
Followed by a discussion with the Co-Producer Michael Kagan

4:30 pm

Memorial followed by Mincha
In memory of our students Marla Bennett, Ben Blutstein, Sara Duker and Matt Eisenfeld ז”ל murdered in terrorist attacks