A Taste of Tochacha

The Pardes Rodef Shalom Schools Program is happy to share it’s unit “A Taste of Tochacha.” The Unit includes a Teacher’s Guide, a Student Havruta Handout and a Source Sheet on the topic of tochocha (constructive communication). Lesson goals include the following:

  • Learning the basic vocabulary and concepts that relate to tochacha.
  • Understanding how Vayikra 19:17 serves as the source for tochacha and constructive communication.
  • Defining “constructive communication.”
  • Appreciating that discussing issues that come up with our friends, neighbors and family can be absolutely essential for maintaining peaceful and loving relationships.

The Pardes Rodef Shalom Schools Program is a joint venture of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators and the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution.

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About Daniel Roth

Daniel is the director of the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution. He holds a Ph.D. from Bar Ilan University‘s Program for Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation writing on Jewish models of conflict resolution, peacemaking, and reconciliation. Daniel has been teaching advanced rabbinics, Bible, conflict resolution and other subjects at Pardes for over fifteen years. Click here to read more.

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