Inspired Parenting Part 5: What makes this night different? Soulful ideas for seder night

Posted by Tovah Leah Nachmani and Dasee Berkowitz on April 10, 2019
Topics: Inspired Parenting, Pardes Live and Mini-Series, Parenting, Pesach

What will seder night look like for you this year? What new insights, teachings or activities do you want to share at your table to make the experience of leaving mitzrayim come alive? Briefly touching upon many of the 15 steps of the Seder night we explore three aspects of our very own slavery and liberation – Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional.

Pardes’s Tovah Leah Nachmani together with Ayeka’s Dasee Berkowitz invite you to learn about their some of our most meaningful ideas they have used at their seders. They hope it can inspire your own!

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About Tovah Leah Nachmani and Dasee Berkowitz

Tovah Leah has been teaching Bible, Liturgy and Prayer and Relationships at Pardes for 14 years. In addition, she has written and guided experiential learning programs at the Women’s Beit Midrash in Efrat, where she previously taught Prayer and Jewish Thought. Tovah Leah was a Jewish educator and program director for Livnot U’Lehibanot (“To Build and Be Built”) in Tzfat and Jerusalem, during which she co-authored the widely-used song book “Zemirot from Livnot.” She also served as Assistant Educational Director for Ayeka. She believes in learning which connects the mind to the heart. Tovah Leah and her husband Gabi, who live in Gush Etzion, have seven children and a number of grandchildren. Contact her at Dasee Berkowitz is an educator, writer and director of Ayeka’s Becoming Soulful Parent project, which trains North American educators to facilitate meaningful conversations around parenting, inspired by Jewish wisdom. She is also a Pardes alum ('94-'95). Dasee has over 20 years of experience working in informal education internationally. After being awarded the Ralph I. Goldman fellowship, she has served as an educational consultant to AJJDC, Makom and the JCC Association. Currently she brings her passion for family engagement to Kehilat Zion in Jerusalem. Dasee’s writing about soulful parenting appears in, JTA,, Haaretz and Times of Israel. She currently lives in Jerusalem with her husband and three children. Contact her at

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