Online Hanukah Resources

Posted by PCJE Staff on August 12, 2015
Topics: Holidays, Chanukah

We’ve collected some useful links which contain resources and ideas for teaching Hannukah, at a variety of grade levels.

1) Traditional sources on Hanukah in English translation (Gemara, Book of Maccabees, Josephus).
2) A listing of 53 small/fun/creative Hanukah activities. Appropriate for a variety of ages, but mostly elementary.
3) Activity/lesson plan which connects Hanukah and social justice. Could be adapted for 5-10th grades.
4) Activity/lesson plan which explores miracles. Ideal for 7-8th grades.
5) Natan Sharansky remembers celebrating Hanukah in the gulag. An interesting read & potential discussion prompt for high schoolers.
6) For fun: The famous Latke vs. Hamantash debate. (If you find a creative way to use this in your class, let us know!).

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