Professor Jonathan D. Sarna – Jews and American Politics Part 1: Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish Vote

Posted by Jonathan D. Sarna on November 30, 2016
Topics: Pardes Live and Mini-Series

Pardes was honored to host Professor Jonathan D. Sarna who began the first lecture in his 4-part series on Jews and American Politics, focusing on Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish Vote. The first US President who actively sought to attract support from Jewish voters was none other than Abraham Lincoln. Using recently discovered documents, this live podcast shows how he did so, why he did so, how Jews responded both publicly and privately, and what his campaign revealed about Civil War era politics and the Jews of that time.

This lecture was held for the inaugural Sidney and Miriam Brettler Memorial Series 5777, sponsored by their children. The live podcast is preceded by an introduction from Dena Ordan, their daughter.

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About Jonathan D. Sarna

Jonathan D. Sarna serves as University Professor and Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis. This year he is a visiting fellow at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies. He has written and edited more than thirty books on American Jewish history and life, including the award-winning American Judaism: A History.

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