Amen – Aleinu – Bowing before the Univeral God?

Posted by PCJE Staff on April 6, 2020
Topics: Pardes Live and Mini-Series, Amen: Multiple Lenses for Tefilah Education

The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators is proud to produce this podcast series to support and inspire tefilah education. Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield, Pardes faculty member, leads a panel of veteran educators in an invigorating discussion of how to make prayer relevant to young people. Using a menu of tefilah goals, created as part of the Pardes Tefilah Education Initiative, each educator explores each episode’s prayer through a lens of either Connecting to God, Developing a Sense of Jewish Community, or Cultivating Personal Growth.

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In our sixth episode, Zvi Hirschfield is joined by Pardes President Leon Morris and PCJE Director of Experiential Education Penny Joel as they delve into the Aleinu. They explore universality, particularism, and the spiritual and mindful aspects of physical bowing through the perspectives of different tefilah goals – connecting to the community, God, and personal development – in order to conjure up more meaningful and engaging tefilah experiences for young people.

In this episode: Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield, Rabbi Leon Morris and Penny Joel.
Creative Producer: Reuven Margrett
Executive Producer: Adam Titcher

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