5780 — Toldot: Can We Find a Way to Live with Tensions

Posted by Meir Schweiger on November 24, 2019
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Bereishit (Genesis), Torah, Toldot

The opening verse of parsha Toldot highlights that Isaac is the son of Abraham, which is unnecessary. Rashi comments that this statement draws our attention to how events in Isaac’s life mirror those of Abraham’s. In this podcast, Rabbi Meir Schweiger focuses on one of the parallels: Avraham has two sons – Ishmael and Isaac; Isaac has two sons – Esau and Jacob. Rabbi Schweiger examines how the tensions between each pair of sons ultimately leads to the falling apart of their respective families. The podcast concludes by showing how Jacob learns from the mistakes of his predecessors and somehow maintains the unity of the family.

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