VaYeshev 5781: Yoseph & Yehudah – Healing a Rift Extending Across History and within the Individual Self

Posted by Yiscah Smith on December 8, 2020
Topics: Bereishit (Genesis), Torah, Pardes from Jerusalem, VaYeshev

The conflict between Yoseph and Yehudah runs like a seam across the entire history of Israel.  At times Yoseph gains the upper hand, and at times Yehudah prevails, but the schism always resurfaces. In Tractate Sukkah 52 a-b, our sages even speak of two messiahs, each with a role to play in ushering in the final universal redemption, one a descendent of Yosef, Mashiach ben Yosef, and the other a descendent of Yehudah, Mashiach ben Dovid. What are the implications for the people of Israel and for the individual’s spiritual practice as well?

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