Lech Lecha 5784: Avraham’s Global Family

Posted by Pardes Faculty on October 25, 2023
Topics: Tanakh, Pardes from Jerusalem, Bereishit (Genesis), Torah, Lech Lecha

This episode is sponsored by Jeff and Alissa Hurok in honor of their dear friends and family who have engaged with and enhanced Jeff’s Torah study and have encouraged his participation with Pardes.

Judy Klitsner joins us in the studio for a profound journey through the book of Bereishit and Parshat Lech Lecha, unraveling the intricate relationship between the individual and society. From the creation narrative to the Tower of Babel, we explore the delicate balance of particularism and universalism, delving into the stories of Cain and Abel, the flood, and the tower’s over-correction. The conversation reaches its zenith with a contemplative exploration of why God chose Avraham, and what his mission in the world may be when approached from the context of our earlier parshiot.

Credits: Judy Klitsner and Rabbi Zvi Hirshfield – Pardes Faculty

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