Vayetze 5784: Moving Forward Through Darkness

Posted by Pardes Faculty on November 21, 2023
Topics: Tanakh, Pardes from Jerusalem, Bereishit (Genesis), Torah, VaYetze

What might Ya’akov’s nocturnal revelation teach us about how to approach darkness?

As we continue to pray for the safe return of the hostages and yearn for better days ahead, Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield and Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy delve into what tools this week’s parsha might give us for getting through these difficult days. Together, they will explore how Ya’akov’s divine encounter teaches us about the importance of maintaining routine spiritual practices, even amidst difficult and tragic periods. Sensitive to the difficulty of staying committed to such practices during dark times, Meesh and Zvi also examine the question of how we can maintain hope when fear and the uncertainty of night threatens to overwhelm us.

Credits: Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield and Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy – Pardes Faculty


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