Rina Quint – A Survivor’s Story

Posted by Rena Quint on April 7, 2021
Topics: Yom Hashoah, Holocaust

This was originally published on April 16, 2015. Rina Quint speaks annually at Pardes to the student body, staff and faculty. Her life story is timeless and we are proud to have had the opportunity to record it this time. Click below for the podcast.

Pardes was privileged to have the remarkable Rina Quint come and share her story of how she survived the Holocaust as a young child. Rina experienced horrendous atrocities, lost all her family and was moved from place to place after the war without a home, whilst at the same time battling sickness. Rina was able to overcome all that she went through, to move on with her life and in turn to have a warm and beautiful family of her own. Rina is an incredible inspiration of overcoming adversity and of valuing the gift of life.


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