Mishnah Track: Tractate Megillah Episode 1

Posted by Nechama Goldman Barash on February 9, 2021
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Pardes Daily – Mishnah Track: Tractate Megillah Episode 1

Episode 1

Sources: Esther 1

Course Description: Whose in? An Exploration of Mishnah Megillah: In this Pardes Daily Challenge, we are going to learn through mishnayot in all four chapters of the tractate Megillah in preparation for Purim. While the beginning of the tractate focuses on the reading of Megillat Esther, the focus of the holiday, the tractate also moves beyond the narrow confines of Purim to look at the overall laws around public Torah readings, public prayer and the sanctity of the synagogue. Between the spaces of legal discussion emerge a few consistent themes– how do we include more people into our community? How do we present sacred texts when language creates a barrier to comprehension and meaning? Who counts when we build community and how do preserve the holy space that invites the Divine to reside within?

Host: Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash
Producer: Amira Mintz-Morgenthau
Podcast Editor: Evan Feist

About Nechama Goldman Barash

Nechama Goldman Barash made aliyah from Philadelphia over 20 years ago after graduating from Stern College. She studied for three years in Matan’s Advanced Talmud Institute and finished a master’s degree in Talmud at Bar-Ilan University. She is a graduate of Nishmat’s Yoetzet Halacha program and has been certified to teach brides before their weddings, as well as qualifying as a sex educator through Yahel and the Eden Center. She also studied for three years in Matan's advanced halakha program, Hilkhata. Nechama is the Director of the Pardes Learning Seminar. She teaches contemporary halakha and Talmud at Matan and Pardes, as well as Talmud and women and halakha in Torah V'Avodah (TVA), a Bnei Akiva gap year program based in Matan. She is an active member of Beit Hillel and participates in interfaith dialogue through Roots, based in Gush Etzion, close to where she lives with her family. She is currently working on a book dealing with matters of gender and halakha.

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