Torah Podcast Archive: 2018

Title Author Date
Va’era 5779 – Let My People Go: From Victim and Object to Subject Meesh Hammer-Kossoy December 30, 2018
Shemot 5779: The Trigger for Redemption Mike Feuer December 23, 2018
VaYechi 5779: Jacob’s Legacy, and Yours? Alex Israel December 18, 2018
Vayigash 5779: Shaping a Theology of Forgiveness: Joseph, Free Will and Divine Providence Leon Morris December 11, 2018
Hanukah: The Miracle of the Lights Michael Hattin December 2, 2018
Miketz: Joseph and His Brothers – Discovering and Uncovering a Hidden G-d Meir Schweiger December 2, 2018
Vayeshev: Yehuda and Tamar: Sexualty as a Tool to Redemption Nechama Goldman Barash November 26, 2018
Vayishlach: The Ethics of Violence Alex Israel November 18, 2018
VaYetze: Postures in Prayer Mike Feuer November 11, 2018
Toldot: Spiritual Conflict Resolution Yiscah Smith November 5, 2018
Chaye Sarah: A Eulogy for Sarah Meir Schweiger October 28, 2018
Vayera: Highway 61 and Mount Moriah David Levin-Kruss October 21, 2018
Lech Lecha: Sodom and Jerusalem Michael Hattin October 14, 2018
Noach: What is in a Window? Meesh Hammer-Kossoy October 7, 2018
Bereishit: A Teaching from the Netivot Shalom, Rabbi Sholom Noach Berezovsky Yiscah Smith October 2, 2018
Sukkot: Building Our Spiritual Sukkah Mike Feuer September 20, 2018
Ha’azinu: Moshe’s Tragic End Meir Schweiger September 17, 2018
Seder HaAvodah:  Remembering the Origins of Yom Kippur Leon Morris September 12, 2018
Vayelech: The First Sefer Torah Alex Israel September 12, 2018
Nitzavim: You Can Do It Meir Schweiger September 3, 2018
Rosh Hashana: The Shofar, a Proclamation of Equality Rahel Berkovits September 2, 2018
Ki Tavo: A Second Sinai Alex Israel August 28, 2018
Ki Tetze: Thoughts on a Rebellious Son, From a Rebellious Son Zvi Hirschfield August 21, 2018
Shoftim: Am I a Bad Jew if I Don’t Like “Fiddler on the Roof?” David Levin-Kruss August 13, 2018
Re’eh: Seeing the Blessings in Our Lives Meir Schweiger August 6, 2018
Ekev: Learning to Listen Nechama Goldman Barash July 31, 2018
VaEtchanan: The Power of Failed Prayer Mike Feuer July 23, 2018
Devarim and Tisha B’Av: The Date of Moshe’s Death Michael Hattin July 15, 2018
Matot Masei: Even the Haftarah Brings an Important Message Howard Markose July 9, 2018
Balak: The Power of Perspective Mike Feuer June 24, 2018
Chukat: Aaron, Miriam and Moses: Leaders by Example Howard Markose June 17, 2018
Korach: Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk Meesh Hammer-Kossoy June 10, 2018
Shelach: Cultivating the Spiritual Practice of Humbled Self-Confidence Yiscah Smith June 4, 2018
Beha’alotecha: I’m More Humble Than You David Levin-Kruss May 27, 2018
Naso: The Nazir Michael Hattin May 22, 2018
BaMidbar: Learning to Speak in the Desert Meir Schweiger May 14, 2018
Behukotai: A Blessing and a Curse Mike Feuer May 6, 2018
Behar: Tzedakah and The Elimination of Poverty — The Jewish Way Meesh Hammer-Kossoy April 29, 2018
Emor: Joy and Compassion James Jacobson-Maisels April 23, 2018
Acharei Mot, Kedoshim: The Art of Giving (and Receiving) Criticism Howard Markose April 15, 2018
Tazria/Metzora: Understanding “Purity” Alex Israel April 11, 2018
Shemini: The Laws of Kashrut Michael Hattin April 1, 2018
Pesach: A Night to Remember Mike Feuer March 21, 2018
Tzav: Eternal Fire on the Altar Meir Schweiger March 18, 2018
Vayikra Reconsidered: Study, Gift and Sacrifice Leon Morris March 12, 2018
Va Yakhel, Pekudei: Mirrors Nechama Goldman Barash March 4, 2018
Ki Tisa: The Breakdown of the Relationship Mike Feuer February 25, 2018
Shabbat Zachor: “Remember what Amalek did to you!” But why did he do it? Can we reconcile with our eternal sworn enemies? Daniel Roth February 18, 2018
Teruma: Building a Beautiful and Unique Home for Each Individual and God to Dwell Together Yiscah Smith February 11, 2018
Mishpatim: Shabbat Shekalim — The Amazing History of the Half-Shekel Alex Israel February 6, 2018
Yitro: The Two Dimensions of Shabbat Meir Schweiger January 28, 2018
BeShalach: The Pillar of Fire That Provides Light and Clarity in Those Moments of Darkness and Suffering Yiscah Smith January 21, 2018
Bo: By the Light of the Silvery Moon — Covenant, Renewal and Questioning Leon Morris January 14, 2018
Vaera: The Process of Leaving Egypt — Can it Teach us about Achieving Peace in Our Day? Howard Markose January 8, 2018
Shemot: Daughter of Paroah/Daughter of God: The Spiritual/Moral Mother of Moshe Meesh Hammer-Kossoy January 1, 2018