Torah Podcast Archive: 2016

Title Author Date
Miketz: Perchance to Dream David Levin-Kruss December 27, 2016
Hanukah of what? The Menorah or the Altar Alex Israel December 22, 2016
Vayeshev: Making a Dream Into a Reality Meir Schweiger December 21, 2016
Vayishlach: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself Mike Feuer December 13, 2016
Vayetze: A Fractious Household Michael Hattin December 7, 2016
Toldot: Discovering the Gift of the Body, Discovering the Gift of Unique Selves James Jacobson-Maisels November 29, 2016
Chaye Sara: Working Hard to Give the Benefit of the Doubt Howard Markose November 22, 2016
Vayera: When the Divine Comes to the Door Judy Klitsner November 15, 2016
Lech Lecha: Trading Your Wife for Your Life Neima Novetsky November 8, 2016
Noach: On Nations and Heroes Meir Schweiger November 2, 2016
Bereishit: Cain and the Temptation of Blame Alex Israel October 25, 2016
The Mitzvah of Sukkah: A Rabbinic Critique of Slavery? Rahel Berkovits October 16, 2016
Ha’azinu: The Season of Repentance Mike Feuer October 13, 2016
Yom Kippur: Confession and Atonement Meir Schweiger October 9, 2016
Vayelech & Shabbat Shuva: Nature’s Immutability and Man’s Power to Choose Michael Hattin October 5, 2016
Rosh Hashana: King Me Neima Novetsky September 27, 2016
Nitzavim: The Wood chopper and the Water Drawer: A Biblical Case of Inclusivity Howard Markose September 25, 2016
Ki Tavo – Just Say It! Mike Feuer September 21, 2016
Ki Tetze: Searching for Meaning in Mitzvot Meir Schweiger September 13, 2016
Shoftim: Can a Nation Keep its Ethical Values Whilst Embroiled in Armed Conflict? Alex Israel September 6, 2016
Re’eh: What is ‘Good and Right’? Howard Markose August 30, 2016
Ekev: Between Awe and Fear Mike Feuer August 22, 2016
Va’etchanan: Moshe’s Unanswered Prayer Meir Schweiger August 17, 2016
Devarim: Moshe Rabbeinu – The Educator Par Excellence Meir Schweiger August 9, 2016
Massei: The Legacy I Leave to My Children Meir Schweiger August 2, 2016
Matot: The Importance of Listening: Moshe and the Tribes of Reuven and Gad Howard Markose July 26, 2016
Pinchas: Yucky, Icky, Problematic Jewish Texts David Levin-Kruss July 20, 2016
Balak: Israel and Moab: Foes or Family? Meir Schweiger July 13, 2016
Chukat: The Second Generation Alex Israel July 6, 2016
Korah’s Defeated Rebellion: Did the Punishments Fit the Crimes? Howard Markose June 29, 2016
Shlach: Collective Punishment Neima Novetsky June 21, 2016
B’haalotcha: The Levites Daniel Landes June 16, 2016
Shavuot: Revelation and Covenant Meir Schweiger June 7, 2016
Bamidbar and Yom Yerushalayim: A Carnival of Counting Alex Israel June 1, 2016
Parshat Bechukotai – G-d’s Promises Howard Markose May 24, 2016
Behar – Jews and Money David Levin-Kruss May 17, 2016
Emor: Counting The Omer Daniel Landes May 10, 2016
Do Not Stand Idly By Your Neighbor’s Blood: Its Significance in Between Yom HaShoah and Yom HaAtzmaut Meesh Hammer-Kossoy May 3, 2016
5776 — Kedoshim, Yom haZikaron, and Yom HaAtzmaut Meesh Hammer-Kossoy May 3, 2016
Acharei Mot: Choose Life and Nurture It Meir Schweiger April 25, 2016
Going from Purim to Pesach. What’s the Difference? Howard Markose April 18, 2016
Shabbat HaGadol: The Clock Struck Midnight! Alex Israel April 14, 2016
Parashat Hachodesh: The Purpose of Pesach Neima Novetsky April 5, 2016
Shemini/Shabbat Para: The Red Heifer Daniel Landes March 30, 2016
Tzav: The Perpetual Fire Michael Hattin March 22, 2016
It’s a Purim World Meir Schweiger March 21, 2016
Vayikra: Get Involved Howard Markose March 15, 2016
Pekudei: Unfinished Business David Levin-Kruss March 8, 2016
Parshat Shekalim: The Secret of the Shekel Daniel Landes March 3, 2016
Ki Tisa: Golden Calf – Two Approaches Alex Israel February 23, 2016
Tetzaveh: Incense and Priesthood Meir Schweiger February 17, 2016
Terumah: Are Family Relationships Addressed? Howard Markose February 10, 2016
Mishpatim: God – An Exclusive Interview David Levin-Kruss February 2, 2016
Yitro: Love lost — Moshe and Tzippora Meesh Hammer-Kossoy January 27, 2016
B’Shalach: Shabbat Shira, The Song at the Sea Daniel Landes January 19, 2016
Bo: Changing the World Mike Feuer January 11, 2016
Va’era: Moses – A Man of “Uncircumcised Lips” Alex Israel January 5, 2016