Torah Podcast Archive: 2017

Title Author Date
Vayehi: Holding Onto the Past in a Way That Leads Us Forward Leon Morris December 26, 2017
VaYigash: On Reconciliation and Reunification Meir Schweiger December 20, 2017
Miketz: Alienation and Recognition Alex Israel December 12, 2017
Hanukah: Bringing the Inside Out — The Story of Hanukah as Told by Tractate Shabbat Rahel Berkovits December 12, 2017
Vayeshev: Joseph and Judah — Different Life Journeys Elisha Ancselovits December 5, 2017
Vayishlach: The Power to Name Mike Feuer November 28, 2017
Vayetze: Turning Stones into Divine Monuments — Biblical Karma Judy Klitsner November 20, 2017
Toldot: Having it All David Levin-Kruss November 13, 2017
Chaye Sarah: An Exploration of Desire James Jacobson-Maisels November 7, 2017
Vayera: Part 2 — When to Challenge God Meesh Hammer-Kossoy October 31, 2017
Vayera: Part 1 — When to Challenge God Meesh Hammer-Kossoy October 31, 2017
Lech Lecha: Where did Abraham Come From? Nechama Goldman Barash October 23, 2017
Noach: What’s in a Name? Mike Feuer October 16, 2017
Bereishit: A “Good” World? Alex Israel October 10, 2017
Sukkot: Clouds of Glory or Simply Booths Meir Schweiger October 1, 2017
Yom Kippur: Insights on The Book of Jonah Michael Hattin September 26, 2017
Rosh Hashana: The Power of Choice Nechama Goldman Barash September 14, 2017
Nitzavim-Vayelech: The Final Days — Moshe’s Noble Attitude Howard Markose September 12, 2017
Ki Tavo: Arami Oved Avi Michael Hattin September 5, 2017
Ki Tetze: “I lost my friend” Alex Israel August 29, 2017
Shoftim: Different Models of Leadership Nechama Goldman Barash August 22, 2017
Re’Eh: The Social and Religious Vision of the Second Tithe Meesh Hammer-Kossoy August 15, 2017
Ekev: Affluence and Corruption – A Gordian Knot?! Meir Schweiger August 8, 2017
Va’etchanan: Contemplation and Freedom James Jacobson-Maisels August 2, 2017
Devarim: The Words of Moses — The Torah’s First “Translation” Leon Morris July 25, 2017
Matot-Masei: Words that Bind Mike Feuer July 18, 2017
Pinchas: Zealousness — An Unforgiving Trait Michael Hattin July 11, 2017
Balak: Vision and Perception Alex Israel July 5, 2017
Chukat: The Challenge and Gift of Death Mike Feuer June 26, 2017
Korach: Models of Leadership Mike Feuer June 20, 2017
Shelach Lecha: I (Sort Of) Forgive You Leon Morris June 13, 2017
Beha’alotecha: Paradise Lost Meir Schweiger June 6, 2017
Naso: Blessing Man, Blessing God. Neima Novetsky May 29, 2017
Shavuot: The Date of Revelation Michael Hattin May 29, 2017
Bamidbar: Fate and Destiny Alex Israel May 24, 2017
Jerusalem United or Divided? Between Dreams and Realities Daniel Roth May 18, 2017
Behar Behukotai: The Essence of Covenant Mike Feuer May 16, 2017
Emor: Building a Sanctuary in Time Meir Schweiger May 10, 2017
Acharei Mot: Transformation James Jacobson-Maisels May 3, 2017
Yom Haatzmaut: Embracing the Reality Michael Hattin April 30, 2017
Tazria-Metzora: On Rituals and Values Meir Schweiger April 25, 2017
Shemini: Nadav and Avihu: On Foreign Fires and Holy Deaths Neima Novetsky April 11, 2017
Shabbat Hagadol: Why is this the name for our pre-Pesach Shabbat? Howard Markose April 4, 2017
The Structure of the Pesach Seder Michael Hattin March 30, 2017
Vayikra: And He Called Mike Feuer March 28, 2017
Vayakhel-Pekudei: The Mundane to the Holy Michael Hattin March 21, 2017
Ki Tisa: Getting Lost, Awareness and the Root of Sin James Jacobson-Maisels March 14, 2017
Tetzaveh: Fill My Hands Meir Schweiger March 7, 2017
Purim: Kimu v’Kiblu — Human Partnership and the Divine Covenant Rahel Berkovits March 5, 2017
Teruma: Setting a Table for God Neima Novetsky February 28, 2017
Mishpatim: Go According to the Majority — But First Know the 49 vs 49! Daniel Roth February 19, 2017
Yitro: The Revelation at Mt. Sinai: Fact or Emotion? Howard Markose February 14, 2017
Tu B’Shvat: Celebrating Renewal, Yearning for Redemption Meir Schweiger February 7, 2017
Bo: The Paschal Sacrifice and the Placing of the Blood Michael Hattin January 31, 2017
Vaera: Between Speaking and Conversation Mike Feuer January 24, 2017
Shemot: What Made Moses Write the Book of Job? David Levin-Kruss January 17, 2017
Vayehi: Am I in Place of God? A Mature Joseph Responds to his Frightened Brothers Howard Markose January 10, 2017
Vayigash: Joseph – Economic Genius or Tyrannical Leader? Neima Novetsky January 3, 2017